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Coming SOON – the third book in the Rhythm Road series of fun-to-read music theory books!

Silent Beats

Understanding rests in music theory for young children

Silent Beats is the third book in Kim Samuels’ Rhythm Road series. In this book, Kim introduces musical rests in another endearing story about the Family of Notes, which shows the relationship between the 6 musical rests and the colourful note characters that we met in Rhythm Road.

Silent Beats extends the foundational knowledge of rhythm theory and presents silence as an element of music. All at once, it is a reading book, a theory book and an activity book written for young learners aged 5-10 years.


Other Books in the Rhythm Road Series

Children will enjoy following along with the rhythmic beat while reading and clapping, as these books aim to establish a solid understanding of rhythm theory. Parents, carers and teachers who may not have formal music training can still effectively use the books using the QR code links provided to assist with the activity pages.

What readers are saying

🌟 Tailored for Early Learners 🌟

With Rhythm Road, your child will:

  • Explore the fundamentals of music theory
  • Develop essential reading and comprehension skills
  • Improve cognitive and motor skills through interactive activities
  • Boost their creativity and self-expression
  • Build confidence and a strong foundation for future musical endeavours

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